Vanity Tops with Integral Sinks, Showers, Tubs, Window Sills, and Custom Panels

*Scroll down to view some of Marlin Marble’s Cultured Marble color samples!

Cultured Marble is a blend of stone particles and resins that are combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and realistic, natural looking patterns. Unlike quarried stone, cultured marble is cast in molds to create specific pieces such as bathtubs, shower walls, sinks, countertops, backsplashes, moldings and trim, soap dishes, seats,  shower pans, window sills, thresholds, and so much more.

Cultured Marble Tub

Cultured Marble Pan, Wall, Seat, & Threshold

The molds are lined with a special gel coat that bonds to the mixture creating a very hard, transparent surface. After the pieces have cured, they are removed from the molds and polished to a shine or given a honed, matte finish, depending on customer preference.

Since Cultured Marble products are cast, there are numerous options in terms of size, shape, and edge treatments. The final product is nonporous, meaning there is no need to seal your marble every year, and no grout lines to clean or maintain. Just imagine swapping out a tiled shower for a grout-free option, the low-maintenance advantage of Cultured Marble becomes very clear! If you are in need of new shower doors, Marlin Marble has many glass and frame options to choose from. CLICK HERE to visit our Glass Enclosures page.


Cultured Marble Double Bowl Vanity Top


Marlin Marble’s Cultured Marble division is one of the largest in Florida, with highly skilled fabricators ready to create customized products on-site at our Lake Placid location.

Used most often in bathrooms, clients appreciate the fact that Cultured Marble is:  

  • Beautiful – Veining and patterns can be incorporated during the casting process, creating character, depth, and interest that mimics its natural counterpart.
  • Low Maintenance – There is no need to ever seal Cultured Marble and it’s easy to clean with non-abrasive products. In addition, Cultured Marble is grout-free, which means no chemical solutions and no scrubbing.
  • Durable – Cultured Marble is non-porous, making it extremely tough and resistant to stains, mildew, and chips.
  • Economical – In general, Cultured Marble is less expensive to fabricate and install than slab marble, but will increase the overall value of a home just as natural stone products will.
  • Customizable – Due to the casting process, Cultured Marble offers a wide range of color options and pieces that can be shaped to fit your specific needs and decor.


Cutlured Marble Vanity Top
Cultured Marble Shower

Let us set up a meeting between you and one of our Estimator’s to come take measurements and discuss color options. Call Marlin Marble for a FREE ESTIMATE today!


Color Samples of Marlin Marble’s Cultured Marble:

The best way to see the true color and design of Cultured Marble is to put these samples in your hand. Pictures won’t do these samples justice. These samples are on display in our showroom in Lake Placid. Click on each image to view a larger image and come on into our showroom, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, to speak to a specialist.

Cultured Marble Samples Rack in Marlin Marble’s Showroom
Cultured Marble Samples Rack in Marlin Marble’s Showroom
Top 6 colors: Espresso & Taupe on Classic Grey, 2X Black & Sterling Silver on Classic Grey, White on Ice Grey, White & Classic Grey on White, 2X Black & Sterling Silver on White, and a replica of Ocean Beige Granite
Top 6 colors: Navy on White, 2X Navy on White, 2X Navy & Black on White, Fawn Beige & White on Raw, Mexican & Sandbar on Almond 1138, Mexican & White on Bone
Top 5 colors: Mexican & Sandbar on Almond 1138, Mexican & White on Bone, Mexican & Black on Bone, White & Mexican on Biscuit, and Mexican & Taupe on Biscuit
These 5 colors: White on Parchment, White on Mexican, Black & White on Biscuit, Black & White on Skylight Blue(L), and White on Navy Blue(R)
Top 4 colors: Seafoam & White on White, 2X Seafoam & White on White, Skylight Blue & White on White, and Fawn Beige & Espresso on White
Top 5 colors: Fawn Beige & Espresso on White, Peach Blossom on White, Dusty Rose on White, Dusty Rose & Sterling Silver on White, and 2X Mexican & White on Bone
Top 5 colors: 2X Mexican & White on Bone, Almond 408 & Parchment on Biscuit, Mexican & Almond 408 on Biscuit, 3X Taupe on Biscuit, and Taupe on Parchment
These 5 colors: Taupe on Parchment, Mexican & Sandbar on Almond 1138, White on Sandbar, Dusty Rose & White on Dark Mink, and White on Raspberry
Top 4 colors: White on White, 2X White on White, Mexican & White on White, and Sandbar & White on White
Top 4 colors: White & Classic Grey on White, Sterling Silver & White on White, 2X Sterling Silver & White on White, and Black & Sterling Silver on White
Top 4 colors: Deep Green & Aspen on White, Deep Green on White, White on Classic Grey, and Cobalt & White on Classic Grey
These 3 colors: Espresso on Espresso, Sterling Silver on Black, and Black on Black
Cultured Marble Samples Rack in Marlin Marble’s Showroom
Cultured Marble Samples Rack in Marlin Marble’s Showroom



Cultured Marble Sink Molds:

Marlin Marble has 9 different integral sink molds to chose from. The sink bowl and the vanity top are cast together. The bowl is usually the same color as the vanity top but the bowl can be a different color. If you need a cabinet to go with your Cultured Marble vanity top, CLICK HERE to visit our Cabinets page.

Savannah Bowl: 19 7/8” X 12 7/8”             6 1/4” deep
Royal Bowl: 22 3/4” X 18 1/2”                  7 1/2” deep
Delaware Bowl: 20″ X 14″                   6 5/8” deep
Oval Bowl: 17″ X 14″                         5 5/8” deep
Superbowl: 19 7/8” X 12 7/8”          6 1/4” deep
Shell Bowl: 18 7/8” X 13 1/8”               5 5/8” deep
Malibu Flair Bowl: 20 1/2” X 15″            7 3/8” deep
Recessed Oval Bowl: 22 3/4” X 18″     6″ deep
La Paz Bowl: 19″ X 13 1/2”                       6 1/2” deep



Cultured Marble Vanity Top Edge Choices:

Marlin Marble has 3 edge choices for the Cultured Marble vanity tops. The standard edge is the “Dripless Edge” at no extra cost. However, you can upgrade the edge style by choosing the “Ogee Bullnose” or the “Texas Bullnose” edge.

Standard Dripless Edge
Standard Dripless Edge
Ogee Edge
Ogee Edge
Texas Bullnose Edge
Texas Bullnose Edge


Cultured Marble Tubs:

Marlin Marble offers 13 types of Cultured Marble bathtubs with different styles and sizes. Whirlpool options are available for most of our Cultured Marble Tubs. Class up your bathtub with attractive cultured marble decks and skirts, which are also fabricated at our Lake Placid location. Marlin Marble produces window sills and trim as well. The pictures below show just a few of our many Cultured Marble products.

Cultured Marble MK 29 Tub
Cultured Marble MK 9 & MK18 Tubs
Cultured Marble MK 44 Tub with Deck & Skirt


Cultured Marble Drop Edge & Straight Edge Window Sills, with & without Mitered & Non-mitered Ears
Cultured Marble Tub, Deck, Skirt, Sills, & Trim
Cultured Marble Trims


Cultured Marble Accessories:

Add flare and flow throughout your bathroom with Marlin Marble’s Cultured Marble accessories. Accessorize by matching your toilet paper holder, towel bar ends, towel rings, tumblers, and soap holders to your vanity top and shower or bathtub. Click on the pictures below to view specifications of our accessories. We also carry and install grab bars with diverse sizes and finishes. Call Marlin Marble for a FREE ESTIMATE today!

Cultured Marble Shampoo/Soap Holders
Cultured Marble Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Bar Ends, Towel Ring, Soap Holder, Tumbler/Toothbrush Holder